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    Tevis Pieper
    February 05, 2024

    A friend and I made a dinner reservation and stumbled upon NYC restaurant week! They had a nice menu and we each ordered a few different items. We also decided to splurge and get a bottle of red which was wonderful. The food overall was just okay - nothing spectacular and more just average. The service was wonderful though and we still enjoyed our dinner catch up. This is definitely a good place to get items for home cooking, but the restaurants feel more touristy than anything else.

    Tracy L
    January 28, 2024

    We ate here for the first time yesterday and I was very impressed. The food is fresh, tasty, and authentic. Prices are decent for the quality of food that you are getting. Serving size is good too. I had the pasta carbonara and it was very filling I ended up taking half of it home. Portions are not huge but more than adequate. The one thing I will make note of especially if you have young kids is that the menu is not American friendly. Soda is from Italy and yes it does taste just like Coca-Cola but it may throw some of your kids off. Also, no chicken nuggets or anything like that. As long as your kids eat pasta and pizza you are good to go. I highly recommend this place food was amazing.

    Reed B
    February 27, 2024

    La Pizza & La Pasta at Eataly in the Flatiron district is a restaurant that has some great food but is brought down incredibly far by chaos and poor service. You have some amazing and flavorful Italian classics on the menu, but even basics like focaccia seem to be out every time we go. It’s chaos from the moment you try to check in at the host stand to getting you to your packed and crowded table and then good luck eventually getting your order taken and your food served. Things like drink refills are a dream - and this is during a weekday mid-afternoon when it should be slower. If you can go to the Downtown Eataly you will have a much better experience overall with the same great food.

    Shuborno Biswas
    August 27, 2023

    As a tourist who has been to both the Flatiron and Downtown locations, this Flatiron location falls a bit short compared to Downtown, but on its own is a great place for a pasta and pizza lunch, well with a trip. This location is at street level, and a bit more casual (in comparison to downtown) though the decor was very clean and elegant. Our service was good, if a bit blunt, and our server checked on us several times. My lasagna was very rich with many sheets of fresh lasagna. I liked it, and my daughter loved it. My kids were not presented with a kids menu, but there was a kids cheese pizza available upon request, which was enjoyed. My eldest daughter loved her four cheese pizza (and ordered it at the other location this same trip). I appreciated there being a few craft beers on tap. I didn't love the fresh bread we ordered. It was only $3, and served with olive oil - it was soft with 4 big pieces, but a nibble of my daughters' pizza crust was more appealing, so I'll skip it next time. We closed out our lunch sharing an amazing tiramisu - so creamy and delicious!

    Christine Tripi
    October 14, 2023

    I brought a friend here from out of town, and we visited on a Sunday at about 230 pm. There were no lines to get a table, and we were seated right next to a window overlooking the Memorial Pools. Absolutely breathtaking views! A great first impression. Right after we sat at the table, we were greeted by a gentleman offering us water. (Love that!) After reviewing the menu for a few minutes, Jordan came over to take our order. He was dressed in a suit, which we found interesting. (There's a definite pecking order within the staff.) He was very outgoing and friendly and answered my friend's menu questions with ease. I ordered the spaghetti cacio e pepi with a truffle addition and my friend ordered the tagliatelle alla bolognese. I asked if I could change my pasta to angel hair, but that was not allowed. We didn't order appetizers. Several minutes later, Jordan informed me that the kitchen had run out of truffles, which was a bummer. The entrees came pretty quickly, but not too quickly, and were served by Diego another person who is great at his job. Both were very generous portions, and neither of us was able to finish, though we really tried! We were offered freshly grated cheese shortly after we began eating. We shared our pasta, and both were cooked to perfection (al dente) and tasted fantastic. The staff was very attentive, but not annoyingly so. We didn't feel rushed, which is a treat in NYC. We didn't order dessert, though the gelato looked amazing. Here's why I gave 4 instead of 5 stars. After we paid, we both went to the restroom. It was so shabbily done, almost as an afterthought. There was a line, and we waited in a very narrow but heavily trafficked hallway that had mops and a locker jammed into it. When we got to the bathrooms, we found a very poorly designed space with angles that made it almost impossible to avoid coming into contact with other patrons. There were social distancing signs which were pretty comical, considering the lack of space. They also only offer hand dryers, so I can only imagine how warm the bathrooms get in the summer. Upon leaving the restrooms, we meandered through the market, which was well-stocked and beautifully arranged. We made a few purchases and headed to the exit. At least we thought we did. It took us 10 minutes of walking around in a complete circle as we followed the exit signs. We finally asked someone to show us the actual exit, an escalator down that proved very elusive. It was an unfortunate end to an otherwise wonderful experience. I hope they redesign those restrooms and provide better exit signage in the future. The photos are of the dining space, our view, and the hallway to the restroom.

    La Pizza & La Pasta

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